Q: What exactly does United Way do?

A: We set a higher standard for life and focus our work on improving education, financial stability and health – three areas that our community defines as most important. We bring people together to deconstruct complex problems, create roadmaps for change and make strategic investments in solutions that address the root causes of the problems that face our community, rather than simply treating their effects. We center our efforts on prevention so that we reduce those bad effects.

Q: How do you know your work is paying off? 

A: We honor our supporters by maintaining a high level of accountability. United Way of Northwest Vermont strategically invests in community programs, continually measuring their success and impact, relying on data to support our decisions. Read more Our Impact.

Q: How does United Way work with other nonprofits?

A: United Way of Northwest Vermont supports many local nonprofits through volunteer resources and grants from our Community Fund. We invest in top-performing local programs that contribute to our mission and align with our focus areas of education, income and health. We also partner with local nonprofits to identify ways of addressing systemic issues and work collaboratively to find solutions.

To be eligible to receive funds, organizations and programs must serve people residing in Chittenden, Franklin or Grand Isle counties and meet specific criteria to demonstrate strength and accountability. We also connect with many local nonprofits on advocacy, working together to create awareness of emerging issues in the community and generate support for new solutions. Learn more about our Community Partners and Funded Programs.


To truly make a change, we MUST work together. Now is the time to raise the bar and expect a better quality of life for our neighbors who struggle. If we all give the best way we can, we can make our community the best it can be. There’s a place for everyone at our table – join us and get involved in a way that’s meaningful for you.

Q: What is the difference between United Way of Northwest Vermont and United Way Worldwide?

A: Although part of a national movement focused on measurable community impact, United Way of Northwest Vermont is an independent nonprofit organization serving people who live and work in northwest Vermont. We pay dues to United Way Worldwide for which we receive membership as a United Way organization and other benefits including training, support, ideas and Standards of Excellence designed to enhance effectiveness and ensure accountability. We operate autonomously, make decisions locally and are governed by volunteer board members. This allows us the flexibility to address the specific needs of our community while having the ability to draw on ideas and best practices from United Ways throughout the country. Read more about us and how we LIVE UNITED.

Q: WHy did Franklin Grand Isle United Way and United Way of Chittenden County merge?

A: Prompted by a leadership change at FGI United Way, both boards independently and collaboratively explored the opportunities to maximize community impact across our region and increase efficiencies. With input from key stakeholders and volunteer committees, our leadership team decided to combine the strengths of our two organizations into one United Way. Our new Board is representative of our new community. Learn more.

Q: How can I support United Way?

A: United Way helps to organize the community and harness the power of people to leverage resources and gifts from our donors. Our call to action is Give Advocate Volunteer. We encourage leadership – giving whatever you can – be it money, time or the power of your voice to help raise awareness or support our initiatives. Volunteers and advocates are an integral part of our work, helping us to connect with others, implement plans and facilitate programs that create opportunities for people in our community.