We believe that a solid educational foundation leads to a promising and productive future

United Way of Northwest Vermont works to unite the community to improve education through strategic initiatives, funding local agency and nonprofit education programs, and by mobilizing volunteers. We believe that the biggest impact can be made by focusing on programs that cultivate readiness to learn, support school success and support positive youth development.

We cultivate readiness to learn by investing in community programs that help families and children thrive and learn, youth programs where kids feel safe and welcome, and connect youth with mentors and role models that they trust. These programs help to promote school success by recruiting and mobilizing volunteers who help children of all ages improve their learning in the classroom. One such program is Foster Grandparents, a program funded by United Way of Northwest Vermont that pairs volunteers aged 55+ with school children with critical needs to offer mentoring and support. Learn more about how this mutually beneficial program is improving education in our community.

Learn more about our Investments in Education and the benefits to our community.







We have special volunteer opportunities for adults aged 55 and over. Let us help you share your time and experience with your community. 

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