Community Investments

We invest strategically to achieve specific outcomes in Education, Income and Health

We believe it takes collective community actions sustained over time to achieve the outcomes we want. We invest in a foundation of strong, viable programs and mobilize volunteers to address our community’s needs. We also implement strategic initiatives and support staff that focus on community impact work to create systems-level change.

Investment recommendations are made by our Community Impact Teams – a group of volunteers who review, analyze and evaluate all grant applications for programs that support Education, Income and Health. Our Community Investment Committee of volunteers and board members looks broadly at our work and helps to evaluate and inform how we invest our staff time resources, volunteer mobilization resources, and money for strategic initiatives.

All investments, terms and conditions are approved by our Board of Directors.



Sharing makes
a difference


Perhaps the most powerful way to leverage your gift of time, influence or money is to tell others that you support United Way and inspire them to give too. If we all give a little, together we have a lot.

Strategic alignment

Every investment in program funding, strategic initiatives and volunteer mobilization must align with the strategies we’ve identified for the outcomes we want in Education, Income and Health:

How we improve education:


Promote Readiness
to Learn


Support School


Encourage Positive
Youth Development


How we advance income:


Provide emergency
Food and shelter


affordable living


Promote stable


How we promote health:


Provide access
to healthcare


Strong families


independent living


Results-based Accountability

For each program, strategic initiative or volunteer mobilization effort in which invest, we evaluate our effort based on the following questions:

  • How much did we do?
  • How well did we do it?
  • Is anyone better off as a result of our work?

Investment portfolio


United Way invests both dollars and staff resources in a diverse portfolio of strategies that support collective community actions to achieve the outcomes we want for Chittenden, Franklin & Grand Isle Counties. This includes supporting a foundation of strong programs; driving community collarboration; mobilizing volunteers and the power of nonprofits to use volunteers effectively; and investing in strategic initiatives to create systems-level change. 

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